Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Show's Over!

The show's over. Last night was the last of our two shows. Overall, it was a great success! We'd like to thank all of you who attended, donated, volunteered and/or acted! Though we can't say certainly I've got the feeling this is going becoming a new annual Clarina tradition! Thanks again Vagina Warriors!
Kelli and I are back to regular business for a week. Then we'll grab Lorena Schmidt (who played the 6 year old girl!) and head to New Orleans for nearly a week of empowering, life altering volunteer work, educational events and an all star cast production of TVM. We'll be blogging all along so check back frequently!
In the meantime tell us your thoughts, stories, etc about the performances. You can do so by clicking on the comments button and typing away. If that doesn't work email them to me and I'll add them here . If you'd like regular updates you can join a mailing list for this blog. Again, email me to join! We'll get some pictures up here asap!
See you out there! Peace.

Maria Teixeira
Outreach Educator
Clarina Howard Nichols Center
(802) 888-2584

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