Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love LoVe LOVE

Good morning. We are just about to head out to join the parade this morning. I can't find the words right now to explain our experience yesterday and I am so excited to see what today will bring. I wish everyone could see what I saw and feel the things I felt while being in the dome on April 11,2008. It's so incredible to see such love coming from a place that not too long ago was filled with such sadness, such madness, such abandonment, such hopelessness. It is an incredible honor to be here to be filling the superdome with what we can only describe as superlove. I don't have any more time right now, but Amy Goodman asked a panel of women yesterday and I would ask you..."What would the world look like without violence?"
We must love each other.
Peace out -- Kelli


Sara said...

Kelli and crew - VT love is with you on this trip! I am so in awe that you are making this journey with so many other people from around the world! What a revolutionary, life-affirming, humanity-honoring mission you have undertaken. It fills my heart up to know that so much good energy is circulating in our minds, bodies, spirits, and in that great city! My thoughts and intentions are with you all! Have FUN!
Love, Sara

Marina said...

yay! the blog! how great. i didn't know you went to new orleans, kelli. that's awesome.