Friday, April 11, 2008

V-Day 1---the abridged cause it's late version

So here is this blog and it's supposed to describe our first day at V to the Tenth but the problem is there are really no words to describe V to the Tenth. Of course, I'm going to try but I fully expect to fail completely.

The Superdome is huge! We arrived at the rear and it took about 10 minutes to work half way around the dome to the front. As we stepped inside we were greeted with smiling faces and women everywhere! Though I couldn't help but think of all that had gone on in this very building just a few short years ago. Here I was in that place I heard so much horror about from my TV. Still I returned the smiles and moved forward unsure of what to expect.

The women here come from all around the world, from every walk of life one can imagine but there we all were united in a common purpose: to end all violence, everywhere. It was immediately breath taking. Shortly, after our arrival Eve Ensler appeared on the mainstage to deliver her opening speech. I was busy looking at the art-- collections of photos and artifacts from "ordinary heros", a huge bra ball, an electrifying piece depicting a woman giving birth -- all the chakras of her body alive and radiating, an oversized comic describing a horrific rape and more. Every now and then Eve's words were interjected into my stream of thought. Slowly, I became taken with her and found myself, robotically, drifting to a seat at the stage. Eve is stunning. She's so passionate and poignant. Her words are full of life and love.

I sat in that seat for hours. Watching speaker after speaker, panels, performers and poets all come to the stage to share their wisdoms. Kelli, Lorena and I reunited and we traveled to the activist lounge upstairs were we visited table after table of organisations dedicated to ending violence in all its forms. We ended by watching "Swimming Upstream" a local production about the struggles during and after Katrina. I don't think any of us can count the number of times we were moved to tears, the affirmation Kelli and I felt about the work we do and the power and love we felt for all women, everywhere. It's such a different idea this talking about violence in an empowering way. Without hesitation, I'd say this sort of event is one I feel like all women (and men) should attend...especially those that are doing this work everyday. It's truly uplifting and towards the end of the night I looked around and thought again about all the horror and sorrow that had lived here once and I thought we're healing it --- all this love and peace will heal this place.

Goodnight, everyone---everywhere.


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